About Fay

Fay grew up on the outskirts of Sydney at a little place called Georges Hall.

She attended Balmain Teachers’ College over 1958-59 and, from 1960-1978, taught, on and off, in schools in both Sydney and towns in Papua New Guinea.

When she returned with Bill from PNG to Brisbane in 1979, she focussed on rearing her three sons and did not return to teaching until the early 1990s, when she also completed degrees in Bachelor and Master of Education.

Fay retired from teaching in 2007 and turned her attention to helping Bill as, with bravery and fortitude, he made his way down that dark path that is dementia.

Today, Fay is writing Bill’s story, not only as a commemoration of Bill’s life, but also in the hope that it will help others understand, more fully, this journey that those with dementia are forced to take.

a blog about my dementia journey


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